Barn Wedding Photos


I love the rustic, barn wedding look so I was really excited to shoot this reception. They had a really homey, country-style wedding complete with country band, barn wedding, chuck-style dinner, the works. I also liked that they didn't go over the top with the country theme as well. It was very tastefully done and the bride looked beautiful. Here are some of my favorite photos from the reception & just after the wedding ceremony (taken at the Salt Lake Temple):Natural Captures-6 Wedding photos taken in a barn in UtahNatural Captures-7 Wedding couple pose for wedding photo at the Salt Lake TempleBride and Girl at Salt Lake Temple

This little girl was beyond adorable.

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As you can tell, this bride was absolutely stunning and a blast to shoot. Natural Captures-11Natural Captures-10 Natural Captures-9 Natural Captures-8    

And this barn wedding was awesome. Sometimes country-themed weddings can get over the top and become a little tacky, but this barn wedding was perfectly tasteful and a blast to shoot. I also thought their band was amazing. Artie Hemphill is a beautiful singer. Natural Captures-21 Wedding shoot at a Barn in Utah Natural Captures-19 Natural Captures-18 Natural Captures-17 Natural Captures-15Natural Captures-14 Natural Captures-13 Natural Captures-37 Natural Captures-36 Natural Captures-29Natural Captures-34   Natural Captures-30  Natural Captures-27Natural Captures-26Natural Captures-25Natural Captures-24Natural Captures-23Natural Captures-31Natural Captures-32Natural Captures-33Natural Captures-35Natural Captures-38Natural Captures-39


Congratulations to this happy couple and thank you for letting me a part of your special day :) Contact Us for information on booking a photographer or videographer for your special day; be it barn wedding, traditional wedding, or ceremony on top of mount Everest (well, maybe; we'll see how I'm feeling that day).

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