Classic Utah Bridals - Nicole & Grant


Utah Bridal Photography Preview

Sometimes when you've shot bridals in a location that you've shot so many times before, you can run into problems. You think they are going to look just like your other photos. I was a little worried when we shot these bridals in American Fork, Utah that they would end up looking like some of the ones I have photographed in the past. However, the lighting and this classic bride were so unique.  The whole shoot became something different entirely.  Some of these images are like something out of a fairy tale or a medieval story. It was a blast shooting Nicole; take a look at these classic Utah bridals:

Classic Utah Bridals

Natural Captures - Wedding dress

Nicole & Grant-71

This next picture is probably my favorite shot. I am reminded of some Arthurian legend... or maybe the princess bride :)Classic Utah Bridals Photography-14

Nicole & Grant-9

 Flowing vail Utah wedding photo

I couldn't decide which one of these bridals I liked better. She is super cute in sepia. Veiled bride photo - sepia Veiled bride photo Bride & Groom Veil photo - B&W

Bride & Groom under Veil kissing


This Shot is super sweet. On the left is a picture of Nicole's grandmother that she wanted to pay homage to. What a cool idea.

vintage wedding picture - Nicole & Grandmother

Bride in groom's coat - wedding photo

Classic Utah Bridals - Natural Captures

Classic Utah Bridal Photography

Bridal Photography

Bridal Photography - Husband Mount Timpanogas Temple - Wedding Photo Vintage Temple Wedding photo

Surreal wedding photo Bouquet & stairs

Wedding Photo - Stone steps

This adorable couple was so fun to shoot. Sorry it was so cold you two :) . Congrats to you Nicole & GrantNicole Kreis & Grant Kendall - Engagement photo

Fairy Tale Wedding Photo

Classic Utah Bridals Photography-7

Husband & Wife wedding photo Utah Bouquet photography Veiled Bride sepia tone for Utah wedding 

Nicole, you make a gorgeous bride; thanks so much for contacting me and letting me take these photos for you.

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