Snowy Wedding in Provo


First Look and Provo City Center Temple

This winter I had the pleasure of filming a First Look Video and Wedding highlight for the Egans.  The whole event started as an adventure!  I was woken in the dark hours of the morning to a phone call from the groom, it turned out that the best made plans were no match for mother nature that day.  We had intended to shoot bridals/first look video in a canyon but during the night a front had dumped massive amounts of snow.  As we talked I peeked out my blinds to see more snow than I had seen all year, and it was still coming down in masses.  We quickly brainstormed for some easier locations and settled for a location more "on the way" to the temple as to avoid delays by traffic, weather, etc...  We had a short window of opportunity before the cute couple needed to be at the Provo City Center Temple but we went for it.  The risk was well worth the pay off.

The scenery was surreal with all the new snow covering every branch and rock in a fluffy blanket.  We tried to stay warm as we filmed the cutest and most magical first look I've recorded to date.  After this ethereal experience we went on to the temple where the snow had subsided enough to have an excellent greeting of family and friends outside the temple.  There was so much love and rejoicing for the loving couple.  We capped the night with a reception at Heritage Gardens and a sparkler send off.  What a day! If I'm being honest, I would urge the weather to produce such a "catastrophe" for every wedding because it was absolutely stunning :) Here is a short of the First Look Video we captured

Here is a little sneak peek of the temple grounds

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