Country Wedding : Nature and Loved Ones


Nature and Loved Ones

I have been honored to film a few country weddings before but none as beautiful as this. The venue was unfamiliar to me, and I had no reference for how it might look. My GPS lead me further into lush fields. I soon realized that we were going to have a stunning backdrop. Mountains grew before me with their snowy caps highlighting the sky. Suddenly, in the center of an orchard I could see massive, barn.

After what I can only be described as a "perfect" ceremony, guests mingled about while the new couple took bridals. It seemed like everyone was a dear friend to everyone; there was no shortage of laughs. In the barn the reception began to crank up with dancing and food. The bride invited me to eat and this is one of the first times I couldnt say "no thanks". No one should pass on cornbread!!!

As the bride and groom danced the night away guests enjoyed both participating and watching due to their skill. Heres hoping I get to participate in more wedding like this one. :)

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