Senior Photos: Outdoor Utah


Spring is here and the seniors are getting ready to graduate, along with finals and dreaming about the future, graduation also means its time for graduation photos.  Senior photos are exceptionally fun to shoot because you get insight into a teens personality and style that most adults probably don't get to enjoy.  Rather than having a stuffy setting, I encourage the models freedom to be themselves and find a comfortable and natural way to capture this important phase in their life.  Being a senior is so exciting and finite, it would be a shame to try and depict someone as anything other than who they really are. I enjoy doing outdoor photo shoots for any occasion, and being able to harass natural light to accentuate a photo is one of the toughest skills I have tried to master.  Using natural light to improve a photo is not just for wildlife and landscape photography but for portraiture as well.  Utah has more than enough to offer when it comes to location options and beautiful backdrops.  Fortunately, I am a native to Utah so I get to enjoy these scenes on a regular basis.  Whether a client picks a location themselves or needs a little assistance from me, Utah has incredible indoor and outdoor options for any type of photoshoot.

This spring I had the pleasure of taking senior photos for Clare.  Despite being good-natured, and smart, Clare is also organically beautiful.  Although I feel I can bring out the beauty in any subject, it doesn't hurt when your model is highly photogenic.  Taking pictures of her was so fun because I got to know her on a personal level while we lightly conversed throughout the shoot.  She was kind enough to oblige me in all my ideas and lots of ideas means lots of pictures vis-a-vis, lots of time.  Fortunately, Clare's patience did not run out before the sunlight did.  Here are a few highlight photos from our unique senior photography shoot.

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