Ceremony & Reception Sneak Peak


When I first got an email from a client saying they wanted to book me on April 1st for their wedding, I was a little skeptical. After the contract and deposit were all topped off I starting thinking, "I wonder if they realize what that date is usually for?". The answer is, yes, yes they did. Now there weren't any crazy pranks or insane costumes at this wedding but the couple overall were just fun! They were so loving of there friends and family and their reception was filled with fun activities and merriment. No matter how many weddings I film, the love the couple shares on the day of their wedding is something so undeniably pure that I never get tired of seeing it.For this April Fools Day wedding I got to film Haley and Brett perform their nuptials and then party like there was no tomorrow. The wedding started off with a touching walk down the wedding aisle that read "Forever and Always" and was dusted with petals. After the couple made it through their vows they were pronounced man and wife and the crowd erupted with cheers for their first kiss. The couple held and teased each other throughout the photo shoot after the ceremony. Once the party started there was never a dull moment. A photo booth, dancing, bubbles, a ruckus garter toss and cake sharing were just some of the things that brightened the night. After a long night of excitement and good food the couple made their exit surrounded by loved ones and drove away into the glittering cityscape. I am so honored to be a part of couples' bid days like this. This wedding was at This is the Place in Salt Lake City, Utah. Here is a little sneak peek of what went down and all the fun we had.