Japan and China Travel Video


Earlier this spring Stephen, Jessica and I were sitting up late one night when out of the blue Steve said, "If you could go anywhere right now where would you go". Once "Japan" came out of Jessica's mouth the laptop was open and in a half-joking manner we were looking up flights to Japan. Using a super special formula for pricing (knowing when and where to book your flights and by staying in cheap-a$$ accommodations) our potential, final prices for the trip were looking surprisingly doable. We all slept on it and within 24 hours had rather impulsively booked a trip to Japan. Best decision of the year.Everything about Japan was more incredible than I could have imagined. The video honestly does not do an ounce of justice to the awed feeling I had the whole time we were there. The places, THE PEOPLE, the food, the buildings, everything. We planned our week trip so that we could see as many places as possible but there is still so much more we did not have time to see. I will certainly be making a return visit to tie-up those lost ends. Despite arriving and realizing we did not book a long enough stay, we were still able to experience a large number of things. We stayed primarily in Kyoto, and traveled around to sights like Fushimi Inari, Arashiyama (bamboo), Nara, Gion, and Pontocho. We also made the trip on the Shinkansen (bullet train) to Tokyo were we stayed a night in a capsule hotel which I could write a whole other blog about. WHY ARENT THEY A THING IN THE U.S?!? While in Tokyo we were able to see Shibuya and Harajuku. After our whirl winded trip through Japan we had the opportunity to briefly tour Shanghai, China on our layover home. We rode the fastest train in the world, the Mag-lev (magnetic levitation) and saw The Bund. We also stopped at a hole-in-the-wall for some noodles that I have missed from my time living in China back in 08'. As mentioned, words cannot really express how much I enjoyed this vacation. If you ever think to yourself that you might possibly be able to make a trip to Japan, JUST BOOK IT. Or if you think you might possibly want to travel anywhere else in the world, BOOK IT! You can make it work, you can find the money, you can find the time, I promise. Remember, You may regret not doing it but you will never regret having done it.

P.S. If you ever need vacation videography, let me know, my skin is already itching for the next adventure.