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Wedding Reception & Ceremony Videos

Nikole is Natural Captures leading wedding videographer in Utah and we have been honored to capture the reception & ceremonies of some very lovely people. As the name suggests, we do our best to capture the natural beauty of your big day. We strive to be a positive addition to the proceedings.  

There's nothing worse when your videographer or photographer is constantly in the way, ordering your guests around, or making people feel uncomfortable. We pride ourselves in putting the wedding party and all of the guest at ease so we can capture the best, candid shots possible.

First Look Videos

Having a first look video is a popular choice these days and they can either be really sweet or really cheesy.  In keeping with our theme, we love doing first-looks that have a natural flow. A first look should be just that: an experience where the groom sees his bride for the first time. It can be very distracting to the experience when your videographer or photographer and making you do several takes with different angles, etc.

We make sure your first look video is not only beautiful, but as authentic as possible.  Take a look at a couple of these videos in different seasons:

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More Utah Wedding Videos created by our lead wedding videographer, Nikole.